About Me

- Birth Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico 1959

- Family: Married with Two Sons.

- Activities: Sports, Golf, Fish, & Hike.

- Volunteering: Salem Friends of Felines providing Advertising, soliciting donations, and finding homes for displaced pets.

What I can do

CorelDraw 18 Expert
Adobe Fireworks 18 Expert
Microsoft Suite 15+ Expert
Html 10+ Expert
CSS 10+ Expert
ASP.NET MVC 4 Advanced
Visual Studio 12/13 4 Advanced
TFS 4 Advanced
Java 2 Intermediate
C# 4 Intermediate
PHP 2 Intermediate
JavaScript 2 Intermediate
JQuery 2 Intermediate
SASS 2 Intermediate
DNS 3 Advanced
Windows Azure 4 Advanced

Note: Averaage hours spent focused on coding, including planning (visualizing) are from professional projects and courses using VS software are 8 hours per 5 day week over the last 10 years. Included are tasks related to coding minus the business end which I also facilitate and manage.

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